Lulu Goryoka Lira               
A young mother of three, Lulu was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer at the age of 35. For 3 ½ years she never gave up or lost her optimistic attitude. With the wonderful support of her family and friends, she tried every treatment available to save her life. Nevertheless, Lulu’s cancer spread to her brain and her condition declined, and on November 3, 2010, Lulu lost her battle.

Cancer is pervasive, destructive and cruel. Every day we lose 1,500 people in this country alone - that’s today, tomorrow, and each day after that. Simply put - enough is enough! It’s time to make a change. Whether it’s raising public awareness, raising money, initiating projects or demanding leadership accountability, together we can make a difference. Join the Fight…Advocate through Lulushandsofhope.org.

Nationally, cancer is the leading cause of death for women between the ages of 35-54. All events funds are used to provide financial assistance for supportive care when other means have been exhausted. This includes prosthetics, transportation, and childcare during treatment, home medications, etc. Lulushandsofhope.org provides help that isn't found through traditional financial assistance programs, allowing women to fight their battle with dignity.


Lulu Goryoka Lira Memorial Video Part 1 - Click here to watch

Lulu Goryoka Lira Memorial Video Part 2 - Click here to watch


Refugee and Immigrants
Lulushandsofhope.org also supports and services uprooted people regardless of their nationality race ideology or social group. We continue to provide tools and opportunities for self sufficiency to refugees and immigrants nationwide fight refugee warehousing around the world serve victims of human trafficking and protect the rights of unaccompanied immigrant children.

Lulushandsofhope.org has been mobilizing people and communities across the country to support volunteer and donate on behalf of the refugees and immigrants in their neighborhoods around the world. Each year thousands of refugees and immigrants rely on the support and cooperation of their communities to adjust to life in America learn new skills and eventually give back.
Lulushandsofhope.org is a private nonprofit nonpartisan nonsectarian charitable agency registered with the IRS as a 501-C (3) organization.

Lulushandsofhope.org protects the right and addresses the needs of persons in forced or volunteer migration worldwide by advancing fair and human public policy facilitating and providing direct professional services and promoting the full participation of migrants in community life.


Board of Directors

Aziz Goryoka / president

Suhair Kallabat / treasurer

Stephanie Edwards / secretary

Will Anton / San Diego District Attorney Office

Marco Garmo / Imperial Beach lieutenant

David Stephan / Saint Peters Catholic church seminarian

Michael Palomata / General Manager Mossy Ford

Wadeh Deddah / 25 years state senator