Every day in America alone, 1,500 people die despite the fact that the means to save them are literally within our reach.  To wait any longer for someone else to save our lives and the lives of those we love is unforgivable.  We must act now. It is the mission of Lulu's Hands of Hope (LHOH) to be THE organization for our community to depend on when met with the tragedy of Cancer. We strive to maintain the quality of life, promote healing, and to empower patients and their families to be active participants in their fight against cancer. LHOH provides support, community-based resources, and assists clients and families in obtaining services and support to maximize their ability to overcome cancer by bringing together the best and the brightest researchers and encouraging collaboration instead of competition among the entire cancer community, LHOH creates awareness and builds broad public support for this effort.

Lulu's Hands of Hope also serves as an advocacy group for recent refugees and immigrants to our country. Lulu's Hands of Hope offers assistance to those seeking medical assistance, shelter, food, clothing, education, and career building in their quest for independence in America.

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